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FAQ - General

If I want to handle my own permits, what am I responsible for?

If you decide to handle pulling permits for your construction project, the city you are building in will want to know how the building is set on a foundation (foundation plan) and the nature of the utility connection. McDonald Modular will provide you with all the necessary documentation, including a foundation plan and all the schematics (electrical, plumbing) you will need to present to the building department of the city you are working in.

Do I need a permit?

Yes, you will need a permit for any construction job you are working on. You site will also need to be appropriately zoned for any project McDonald Modular is working on.

Counties and parishes have local code enforcement agencies that require most clients to get a permit. A client should always check with the local agencies before bringing the building on site. The local agency will provide detail forms and requirements in order for the client to obtain a permit.

What if I have a special event where I only need a temporary building for a few days?

We work on many short-duration projects. McDonald Modular has provided equipment for a large number of special events including the Super Bowl, Grand Prix events, NBA playoffs and the Ryder Cup. Our flexibility will allow you to rent for one day if that is your need.

Can I continue to rent beyond my original contracted rental term?

Following the completion of your initial rental term, you may continue on a month-to-month basis or extend the term for a specific amount of time. In the event you are continuing beyond the original term, the rental rate and dismantle/return charges may be adjusted to reflect current market conditions. Please contact your McDonald Modular Representative for more information.

How do I prepare my job-site for a construction trailer / mobile office?

Your job-site should have easy access for install and removal of your construction trailer / mobile office and should be flat, level, and clear of any obstructions.

How quickly can I have a construction trailer / mobile office delivered?

Typically, we can deliver your construction trailer/mobile office within a week of order.

However, due to availability and site preparation, please check with your McDonald Modular Representative on timing for your specific project.

How is the construction trailer / mobile office delivered to my job-site?

We use a specially designed truck called a 'Toter' to deliver your building to your job-site.

What is the electrical service required?

Please check with your McDonald Modular Representative for your buildings specifications. Typically, 220V, single phase is standard, but amperage will vary depending on the size of your building and code requirements.

What happens to the hitches/tires?

Typically the tires and axles are left on unless you want to skirt the building or the building is permanent. If your building is permanent, then the tires and axles can be removed. Please contact your Local McDonald Modular Representative for available options and more details.

FAQ - Maintenance

What maintenance am I responsible for?

Cleaning and consumable items like light bulbs are your responsibility. Your lease includes service calls by McDonald Modular and its authorized subcontractors for repairs resulting from routine wear and tear of the building and equipment, not including HVAC filters or the consumables as mentioned. You building includes a Service Guide that provides additional information.

What if I experience a problem with my rented mobile office or modular building?

If you should experience any problems with your mobile office or modular building, simply call us at 800-905-3905. We will respond to your request promptly and work to complete the repairs as soon as possible. Please also refer to the Service Guide provided with each building for additional information.

FAQ - Financing

Does McDonald Modular Solutions accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept credit cards at no additional fee.

Does McDonald Modular Solutions accept electronic (EFT) payments?

Yes, we accept electronic (EFT) payments.

FAQ - Building

What is skirting and what type of skirting materials are available?

Skirting is an optional exterior finish that surrounds the bottom of a mobile office or classroom. It's can be the same finish as the exterior siding of the building and spans from the underside of the building to the ground. Skirting is typically installed on site after the unit is blocked and leveled and all utility connections have been completed. Click here for a list of available services and accessories for your modular job.

Is there a minimum rental period?

McDonald Modular provides a variety of units for special event rentals that are needed from one day to one week. Because of the cost of maintenance and the logistics surrounding an event your McDonald Modular representative can guide you on the pricing. Standard monthly rentals will have a minimum length agreed to within the contract or two-months whichever is greater.

Where and when can you deliver?

McDonald Modular representatives are trained to determine whether access to any site is adequate. There are restrictions placed on over-sized loads that can affect the route and timing of deliveries. Contact your local McDonald Modular representative to discuss your details.

What if I want a special design for my building?

McDonald Modular's design experts and factory engineers can accommodate your needs. Whether it is adding a reception area to an existing building or a custom design, our representatives will help you design your space and competitively price what you require. McDonald Modular has built custom train stations, schools, medical clinics, control buildings and can even include green elements that can be used to attain LEED Certification if desired. Click here to view our portfolio of custom buildings.