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Project Name: R&D Engineering and Support Facility, Southeast Michigan

MMS can build Custom Temporary Modular Building to match your existing buildings, from door knobs to siding.

Nearly completed, this Custom Temporary Modular Building matches the existing buildings, from door knobs to siding.

Project Details:

Quick Capacity: A large international supplier of Industrial and Automotive Technologies required a high-end temporary building to group Research & Development employees on a quickly-expanding campus. It was necessary that all aspects of the temporary building mirror the existing building's appearance and functionality. The overall design demanded the ability for the building to be removed or relocated, and the site completely restored to its previous state. The chosen site for the building presented the unique challenge of an 8-Ft. grade change, which required adaptability from design to installation in a period of just five months. 

30 factory-built modules form a temporary building with ample office, meeting, and lounge space for 200 employees. Though built to be removed or relocated in three to five years, all interior and exterior finishes, from siding to door handles, match the existing building, creating a seamless employee transition into the new R&D annex. Fast-track construction allowed for reinforced cement pillars to be installed in the ground where the building would sit, while the actual modules were built. By the time the modules arrived, the pillars were already in place to overcome the steep grade change.


  • Engineering space
  • Administration space
  • Government or University offices


  • The moveable building is pre-engineered for installation in five other states
  • Extensive number and variety of meeting and conference spaces without limiting office space
  • Completely concealed HVAC units
  • Large, double-insulated windows & skylight for maximum day-lighting and energy savings
  • Matching interior and exterior finishes


  • Seamless design to mirror current high-end design and feel of existing building
  • Motion-sensing lighting grids throughout and double-insulated windows for energy-savings
  • Indigenous plant life preserved, making complete site restoration possible after building removal
  • Obtained both Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy
  • Coordinated Nationally Certified sprinkler companies for both installation and inspection, for both factory and site installation