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Montessori School - Allen Park

Montessori School with a growing student population needed an affordable way to house all students in one location.


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School Construction costs are often shockingly high. Luckily, McDonald Modular can build affordable and energy-efficient schools and classrooms with minimum time, cost, and site disruption. We'll design a custom solution to match the current aesthetic of your existing architecture, while still delivering the added space and functionality your school needs.

Avoid the high cost of traditional building, as well as the committment! Modular school buildings are completely removeable, relocatable, and expandable. As your school grows and changes, your modular buildings can, too!

Building applications may include:

  • Schools
  • Pre-Schools
  • Learning labs
  • Daycare Buildings

Benefits of Modular Building:

Going modular offers a significant advantage to traditional building. Modular building offers shorter construction times, reduced site disruption, reduced site waste, consistent quality, flexibility of use, and financial savings.

Montessori School - Allen Park