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Project Name: Kureha Chemical

Industrial Modular Buildings can be completely customized for safe, controlled lab testing.

Various containment modules are installed to ensure a controlled environment for testing.

Project Details:

McDonald Modular was asked to provide a Quality Control Laboratory designed to comply with the current edition of the IECC, (International Energy Conservation Code). Our design surpassed the envelope compliance requirements by 37%. All walls were constructed to a 1-Hour Fire-Rating, (Assembly WP-3605) with Wire Glass 45 min. welded steel frame windows. The walls were built around the windows to insure a tight fit. The Lab was outfitted with a Corbin Russwin Interlocking Door System that was factory installed between the Dry Room and the Main Lab room, thus eliminating the possibility of cross contamination. The system is complete with locked and unlocked security monitoring and a “Request to Exit” override. The system is user friendly with red and green status lighting.The Chemical Laboratory was equipped with Emergency Ballast Troffer Lighting to provide a safe lighting level while working with chemicals as well as maintaining required Egress Lighting in the case of a power outage. The "Exit" signage, typically powered by standard electricity, was converted to a Tritium-filled gas tube "Exit" sign requiring no power. All Lab Equipment including sinks, counter tops, cabinets and fume hoods were factory installed and coordinated with a leading manufacturer of Lab Testing and Chemical Resistant Equipment. The building was designed with two separate HVAC systems; one for the Dry Room and one for the Lab.