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Project Name: Amtrak Passenger Terminal, Detroit, MI

Custom Modular Building Longevity

Custom Modular Building | Detroit Amtrak Passenger Terminal 1994

Project Details:

In 1994, Michigan Central Station had long been out of service, and relocating some of its platforms for 
use across town was found to be impossible. Amtrak found themselves in need of a temporary passenger 
terminal to service Detroit patrons while plans for a new terminal took shape. As a transportation hub people depended on, the large temporary terminal had to be train and passenger- ready as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The 3,312 square-foot temporary terminal, complete with waiting areas, restrooms, ticket booths, and baggage drop, is made up of six 12' x 15' modules and was installed in approxamately four weeks. From production to installation, the terminal was finished in 150 days. 

The "temporary" terminal, then slated only for five-year use, is still in full use in 2013. 


  • Mass transit depots/terminals


  • Cement floors were poured in factory, then transported 300 miles to site
  • Overall design by McDonald Modular, including custom arched windows
  • Elevator to platform features a stone exterior


  • Longevity and Durability, both in build and appearence
  • Aesthetics
  • 1994 Modular Building Group Award of Distinction