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Project Name: Modular Grade School Buildings, Birmingham, MI

A portable, open plan Modular classroom.

An open, roomy Modular classroom offers both flexibility and longevity.

Project Details:

Developed for a school for an affluent community. With high expectations of it's public school district, McDonald provided two temporary elementary school buildings.  The 12,000 square foot modular buildings were constructed and placed in 45-days during summer break. Students are under one roof with our design.  Wide hallways, ADA compliant restrooms, spacious classrooms with high ceilings make a safe and comfortable learning environment.


  • Schools
  • Daycare
  • Clinial


Science lab versions available.


Stock plan with flexible design alows the building to be of different sizes for various classroom needs. Comfortable atmosphere with large insulated windows and programmable thermostats.  Separate restroom section can be added.