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Project Name: William Beaumont Emergency Room, Troy, MI

Beaumont Hospital's Modular Medical addition mirrors the same floor plans and finishes as the existing buildings.

This Beaumont addition's floor plan and interior finishes were designed to mirror that of the existing building, while the exterior aimed to mirror the hospital's reputation.

Project Details:

A major metropolitan hospital required additional emergency room space for ambulatory emergency patients. It was important that the building projected the hospital’s image as a high-end healthcare provider, so exterior finish colors were used that blended with the other structures on the property. The care center campus was already crowded, so strategic site placement was critical to maximize the minor care emergency space and minimized loss of valuable parking space. The interior finishes were specified to match those of the existing hospital so that a seamless transition was felt as patients moved from one building to the next. The building floor plan mirrored that of a traditional Emergency Room in that the Nurse’s Station is in the center so that they can easily monitor the patients surrounding the perimeter.


  • Medical clinic or first aid station
  • Uniquely manufactured for potential transformation into classroom 


  • Interior finishes selected to mirror those in existing building
  • Floor plan designed as traditional ER with centralied Nurse's' Station 


  • Energy & cost savings from programmable thermostats, motion sensing light grids, and advanced insulation system 
  • Designed to utilize the main hospital’s hot water circulatory system